Mi Casa de Angeles, which means “My House of Angels”, is a 501c-3 nonprofit organization that raises funds and awareness, and focuses on providing a higher quality education for needy children in Peru that will thereby empower them, give them confidence, and most importantly, give them a chance to succeed and break the barriers of poverty that currently hold them back every single day.



  • To support a higher quality of education that motivates and empowers students 
  • To implement programs that have an immediate and long-term impact on the educational system and the needy children 
    • To build new schools or improve existing schools in impoverished areas of Peru
    • To sponsor teachers that are highly trained and qualified who will teach in existing public schools in Peru
    • To provide financial aid for college for dedicated and financially disadvantaged students 
  • To provide additional educational programs that add value to the students and their families 
  • To foster family and community involvement
  • To inspire the social conscience of other educated teenagers and young adults
  • To continue raising funds and awareness that will allow Mi Casa de Angeles to implement its mission and goals


  • To continue raising funds to promptly implement the foundation's Objectives
    Ongoing efforts through local fundraisers and presentations to business organizations
  • To continue raising awareness about the foundation within target groups
    Ongoing efforts through presentations to high schools, universities and speaking engagements
  • To establish a strategic partnership with a local and reputable school operator
    Established with Sembrando Juntos in Peru in 2012
  • To implement a program that shows immediate results within 12 months
    Implemented sponsorship of a highly trained teacher -“Young Leader” through Ensena Peru in 2012
  • To begin construction of a school by 2014-2015 that provides:
    Broke ground in March of 2013 with Sembrando Juntos on the construction of nursery/day care and pre-school in the outskirts of Lima
    • a high quality of education
    • community involvement
    • a program that prepares the children for further education through partnerships with existing private  schools, universities, and programs of higher education