Mi Casa de Angeles’s second program in Peru has been the construction and maintenance of a nursery/daycare and preschool in the shantytown of Pachacutec in the outskirts of Lima, that has been worked on through collaboration with another Peruvian non-profit organizations, Sembrando Juntos (“Harvesting Together”). On March 24th, 2015, the school was inaugurated and is currently serving over 300 students from the surrounding areas through its nursery program (ages 0-3), its 6 classrooms (ages 3-5), and its community library. Long-term, this nursery/daycare and preschool will directly benefit approximately 3,600 families by providing the children, ages 0 to 5, in this community with the best foundation for higher quality of education. 

Current Statistics about Pachacutec

  • More than 300 ‘Asentamientos Humanos’ or ‘Pueblos Jovenes’ (shantytowns) that are home to more than 169,000 people, including ~17,000 children under the age of 5

  • Recently, in 2017, families received access to the public network for water

  • The average income per month for the head of the household is approximately $420

  • Only 1 in every 100 children has access to a nursery/initial-level education school

  • 17 in every 20 families have migrated from the mountain or jungle areas of Peru

  • Poor sanitation and food habits are practiced by the parents

  • Little communication and sensitization among the parents


Our Mutual Vision

For all children, ages 0 to 5, in the unprivileged areas of Lima and Callao to have the proper conditions to learn and the necessary access to an initial education that will enhance their potential, both emotionally and cognitively, for future development, and will provide them with the tools needed to overcome poverty.


Our Mutual Goals

  • To improve the conditions of learning by providing only the highest quality of education

  • To give each child the opportunity to make use of his/her capabilities and reach his/her full potential

  • To provide nutrition, parenting assistance, and early education to those in most need

  • To include and educate the parents, teachers, and the whole community in our project so that a sense of commitment is fostered, which will ensure the sustainable continuity of the children’s education


3 Steps: Intervention & Change



The first steps to changing the lives of the people of Pachacutec

Los primeros pasos para cambiar la vidas de las personas de Pachacutec




Sembrando Juntos.jpg


  • educate the children

  • educate the teachers

  • educate the parents


  • Sembrando Juntos operates two preschools in lower income residential areas, Doscientas Millas and Bocanegra in Callao that serve over 360 children, ages 3 to 5. Since 1985, over 5,000 children have been educated in these preschools.

    • Because of these schools, more than 20 teachers in the area are currently being provided with formal employment and training.

    • Sembrando Juntos also provides workshops for parents to reinforce family values and provides training to improve their opportunities for a better income.

    • The most talented students have been given scholarships that allow them to pursue their primary and secondary (sometimes higher level) education at renowned private schools.

  • Using the educational philosophy of Reggio Emilia – one of the most valued and effective methodologies – Sembrando Juntos strives to provide initial education to the most vulnerable areas of Peru.