We are a non-profit committed to our mission of improving the quality of education for the impoverished children of Peru.



Mi Casa de Angeles was founded in 2009 by then sophomore in High School Gabriella Brignardello of Thousand Oaks, California for the purpose of improving the quality of education in the impoverished areas throughout Peru. The inspiration for creating this non-profit organization came to Gabriella at a very early age while visiting Peru and witnessing the hardships that many destitute children face on a daily basis. She immediately realized that she wanted to make a change in these children's lives.

Peruvian children in need face three main problems: poverty, chronic malnutrition, and lack of education. The goal of Mi Casa de Angeles is to provide a community-supported and positive environment, a safe place to learn, healthy nutrition, and a high level of education for these children. Mi Casa de Angeles is committed to empowering these children with knowledge and improving their lives so that they can have a better opportunity to succeed in society.